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Get exclusive trademark rights is possible only by its registration in the Federal Service for Intellectual Property (Rospatent).

Exclusive right to the trademark in the Russian Federation may have only a legal entities.

Exclusive right to the trademark only applies in respect of certain activities of the applicant. All kinds of goods and services are classified in the Nice Agreement of 1957 Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services (the Nice Classification).

Proprietor may either prohibit third parties from using a trademark (as well as the designation confusingly similar to a trademark), or transfer rights on atrademark. Full transfer of trademark rights is effected by registration of an alienation contract of a trademark. Partial transfer of rights is carried out by registering a license agreement.

Validity trademark in Russian Federation - ten years. After this period, the validity of a trademark can be renewed every ten years.

Registration process

First stage. Preverification of mark. This step is not mandatory by law, but it is important for the applicant. At this stage, a designation is checked for identity and similarity with trademarks which previously been filed or registered in Russian Federation. Also trademark checked for protectability.

Second stage. Filing. At this stage the fees shall be paid: filing fee, examination fee.

Third stage. Examination. Examiner analyzes an application for compliance with the legislation of the Russian Federation. If the examiner does not raise objections, registration will normally take about 10-12 months. If objections are raised it can take about 14-18 months.

Final stage. Registration. After examination, if the examiner did not raise objections, or if the objections were rejected, the applicant receives the decision to issue the certificate of trademark. At this stage registration fee shall be paid.


Filing fee: ~ $51,5
Examination fee: ~$220. Furthermore, an additional fee of ~$39 shall be paid for each class under the Nice Agreement of 1957 Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services (the Nice Classification) in excess of the first class
Registration fee: ~$309
Renewal of a trade mark registration: ~ $386,5 shall be paid

Total cost of services

Word or graphical trademark: $540
Combined (words + graphics) trademark: $610

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