Rights on a trademark may be transfered to another entity by license. License may be exclusive or non-exclusive.
An exclusive license is a transfer of exclusive rights on a trademark to single organization. When the proprietor provides an exclusive license to one organization, then proprietor is no longer entitled to enter into licensing agreements with another organizations.
A non-exclusive license allows the licensor to enter into licensing agreements with several organizations on the basis of individual license agreements.

License may be full or partial. On the basis of the full license, rights of a trademark transferred to all the classes of the Nice Classification referred to in a certificate. When entering into a partial license, rights are transferred only in part of classes of Nice Classification.

License agreement may contain different conditions for use of the trademark, for example, a transfer of right to use a trademark only in a particular area of the country. Also in contract may be prescribed a certain period of use a trademark, etc.

License must be entered in the Register of Trademarks. An entry shall also be made in the Register when it is later established that the license has terminated.

Under the terms of license agreement, proprietor is required to provide advice to a licensee, as well as to monitor the quality of products or services of a licensee.

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Licensed: ~ $430
Transfer: ~ $430


Licensed: ~ $400
Transfer: ~ $400

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