Judicial protection

Judicial protection

Proprietor of a trademark or patent may in its discretion allow or prevent others from using the trademark or patent.
Absence of prohibition not constitutes consent. Other persons or entities have no right to use a trademark or patent without the consent of proprietor. Use of a trademark or patent, if such use is without the consent of proprietor is illegal.

Technopark provides for judicial protection for the following types of intellectual property: trademarks, inventions, utility models and industrial designs. We provide services throughout the Russian Federation.
If a hearing is held in one of the cities where there is a branch or representative office of our agency, the cost of services excludes costs for travel and accommodation for judicial representative.

The first stage of the judicial protection services is a pre-trial investigation, collecting evidence and materials. The next step is the presentation at the hearing.
Each stage involves a prepayment. The final payment is made after the court decision, if it is positive for our customer. If a positive result is not achieved, the last part of the cost of services not paid.

Cost of services

From $2400.

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