Registration of a trademarks

Registration of trademark

Exclusive right on trademark in Russian Federation may have only a legal entity.

Registration of trademark in Russian Federation is valid for ten years. After this period, registration of trademark can be renewed every ten years.

Total cost of services

Word or graphical trademark: $540
Combined (words + graphics) trademark: $610


Filing fee: ~ $51,5
Examination fee: ~$220 + ~$39 for each class under the Nice Agreement of 1957 Concerning the International Classification of Goods and Services (the Nice Classification) in excess of the first class
Registration fee: ~$309

Renewal of trademark registration: ~ $386,5

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Trademark right may be transferred in whole or in part (only in respect of certain classes of the Nice Classification).

Transfer of right on registered trademark must be entered in the Register of Trade Marks.
Until the transfer has been communicated to the Patent and Trademark Office, proprietor of a trademark deemed to be the latest person entered in the Register.

Total cost of services

Licensed: ~ $430
Transfer: ~ $430


Licensed: ~ $400
Transfer: ~ $400

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Patent is a government document proving the ownership of exclusive rights on intellectual property.

Patents granted in respect of such types of intellectual property such as:
- The invention;
- Utility models;
- Industrial designs.

Total cost of services

Invention: $1800-$2000
Utility models: $1400
Industrial designs: $1400


Application fee:
Invention: 〜$27,5
Utility models, Industrial designs: ~$17,3

Examination fee:
Invention: ~$49,7
Utility models: no
Industrial designs: ~$33,5

Registration fee:
Invention, Utility models, Industrial designs: 〜$65,9

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Copyright arises from the creation of a work of art, literature or science.

Copyright may belong only to person that is a citizen (or several citizens - co-authors).

One way to prove authorship is to depositing copyright.

Personal Copyright valid indefinitely.

Copyright is valid for the life of author and for 70 years after his death.

Total cost of services

Cost of depositing of copyright: $241

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Judicial protection

Legal services in the field of patent activity includes the preparation of requests and warnings (including claims) to persons violating an exclusive rights of proprietors of trademarks or patents.
And it also involves organization of qualified legal protection our customers from unfair competition and from dishonest lawyers.

Legal support often goes into a plane of the trial, in this case we can organize the appropriate support of the court.

Total cost of services

From $2400.

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