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Community Trade Mark
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Community Trade Markregistration system is a unified procedure for trademark registration in all countries party to the European Union.

The procedure is carried out in a specialized authority - Office for Harmonization in the Internal Market (OHIM).

Language of the application

The official languages of OHIM are Spanish, German, English, French and Italian. But the application for registration of a CTM may be filed on one of the eleven languages of the Member States of the European Union.The application may also be filed in the language of the country of the applicant; in this case its translation is carried out by the Translation Centre, which is located in Luxembourg. This procedure is paid by the applicant.
All the further prosecution of the application is carried out on one of the official languages of the OHIM.


The procedure for trademark registration in the EU consists of several stages.

1.Application filing.The application may be filed directly to the OHIM or in one of national intellectual property offices in any of the EU member states. At this stage the first fee shall be paid: 975 € + 200 € for each class of Nice Classification more than three.
2.Preverification by OHIM.OHIM sends copies of the application in the patent offices of the Member States of the European Union. Within three months, they conduct their own search for identical trademarks and communicate the results to the OHIM, and it shall notify the applicant. If at this stage is no obstacles to the registration of a trademark, OHIM publishes the application.
3. Applicationpublishing.After the search application is published in the Trademark Bulletin of the European Union in all official languages.
If within three months there were no objections, the trademark is registered.

After completing the procedure there is another fee shall be paid: of 1100 € + 200 € for each class of Nice Classification more than three.

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